Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Advantages of Owning a Toyota Prius

Three months ago I decided to take the leap and purchase a 2009 Toyota Prius hybrid. With gas prices on the rise, and low financing rates it seemed the right time. Since making the switch from a traditional vehicle to a hybrid, I've come to a few conclusions about what I love about owning my Prius.

1. Fuel Economy

When you buy a hybrid vehicle, fuel economy must be in the forefront of your mind. Although most of my week is spent commuting a few miles back and forth each day, on the weekends I would typically drive a couple hundred miles and wanted a way to save money on the price of gas. The Toyota Prius has been a top performer in the fuel economy arena and the 48 -43 miles per gallon I would be achieving, it was the best move. This would double my fuel economy and save me money. Those are hard statistics to walk away from.

2. Technology

Even though hybrid technology is new to most car owners, the Prius has existed for over 10 years. Working in a computer-related field, I'm used to change, and used to new technology. Having test drove and ridden with other Prius owners in the past, I liked the center console computerized panel that allows you to control the radio, climate controls, and panels that display your fuel economy. I really like the feeling of being in control of my own fuel economy and knowing I can view statistics of how well I'm doing, really keeps me entertained in my driving.

3. Design

Although the Prius appears to be a small car, every inch of the vehicle is well thought out. The car is much roomier in feel than it appears. Using the car, I can tell that the designers really thought things out. They made very sleek cup holders, with a lighted mirror built in to the visor. The speedometer is computerized and state of the art. Passengers that ride with me for the first time, wonder where my gages are. They are stunned by the gages being computerized. I've received comments about how the car feels like it is the car of the future.

4. Unique Qualities

To start my car I use a power button. There is no key that needs to be inserted into my car, but a button that starts my car. This key needs to be inside my car, but it typically resides in my purse and the car can detect it's presence so it lets me start it. When I put my car in reverse, a rear-camera displays on my monitor panel and I can see behind me, through the monitor to make sure there are no cars or small children. When I roll to a stop at a stop light, my car shuts off. You can't even hear it running. These are all unique qualities that I love about my car!

5. Financing

When I purchased my Prius, Toyota was hosting a promotion for 0 percent financing. Knowing that I was already saving on fuel economy, and then paying no extra fees for 60 months of financing, made me jump out of my seat. It was the time for me to buy. Typically car manufacturers will run special promotions to clearance out the last year's model to make room for the new model. By watching these trends, you can come away with a great deal. However, when gas prices skyrocket, it's normal to have waiting lists to purchase hybrids, so it's best to do your homework on when you are ready to buy.

I haven't regretted my decision of owning a Prius and can't imagine owning anything different. I live in a very cold climate, and the car even does well in these harsh conditions. Are you concerned about the environment? This car will save the amount of gas you are using as well as the amount of emissions you are putting into the atmosphere. This car is your "green" alternative. I do not work for Toyota or have any background in cars. I'm just a career woman who likes to shop and has a baby and feels as though saving a penny here and there while still being stylish adds up to a great buy.

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