Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Advantages to Premade Window Treatments

Window treatments don't have to cost a fortune. If you would like to decorate a window in your home with a treatment, the first thing you need to do is measure the dimensions of your window. Measure the height and width of your window.

Did you know that you can purchase premade curtain panels for a designer look? Stores like Kmart, WalMart, and Target sell premade, inexpensive window treatments.

To install, simply hang a curtain rod above your window. Hang your treatment on the rod, and adjust the treatment as needed.

When purchasing premade curtains, make sure you understand if the package contains one window panel or two. Panels are not always sold in sets.

Before you hang the panels, iron them. Most curtains will be creased and will never hang right without first being ironed.

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Save Your Waistline, Avoid Buffets at All Costs

Going back to the Chinese restaurant situation, think about the last time you visited and decided to have the buffet. Did you decide to stick to just one or two items on the buffet? Did you only select entrees that looked healthy? Did you leave the restaurant feeling comfortable, but not over full?

Most of us cannot say that we feel good after we leave any restaurant buffet. Buffets are packed full of foods that most of us shouldn't eat, and portion control is thrown out the window.

I also think of buffets as a scary place for germs. During cold and flu season the last thing I want to do is visit a buffet full of food that is exposed to so many people. Each spoon for each dish being used time and time again.

If you want to trim your waistline, avoid buffets at all costs. Even though the price seems better, or even less than menu items, you will overeat. Eat less by ordering.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Chopstick Diet

I remember the first time I used chopsticks. I was 6 years old and remember how cool it felt to have my own pair of chopsticks. Up to that point in my life, I was only used to using a knife, fork, and spoon to eat.

Chopsticks were a new adventure. They are something new and different. I felt like using the chopsticks made me closer to Chinese culture.

The only problem was that using chopsticks took work. I thought that it would be easy to use two sticks to eat my food, but I was wrong. My coordination was not there. I had trouble picking up large items as well as small food items. I got frustrated pretty easy.

As I grew older I can say that I still avoid using chopsticks to eat because it takes time and practice to use them. I can't eat as much and as quickly as I can with a spoon, fork, and knife.

If you are looking for new a new weightloss tip, try using chopsticks. I replaced my usual utensils with chopsticks and can easily say that I have saved unwanted calories. I stop eating sooner because it takes me longer to eat, and I don't feel as though I want to keep working as hard to eat.

Try out my weightloss recipe if you dare. Replace your utensils with chopsticks and see how it works for you.

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Eating Less at Chinese Restaurants

Many of us have a weakness for Chinese restaurants. We find ourselves indulging even when we know that we shouldn't. If you need to get your craving for Chinese food under control, consider drinking water.

When you drink water your stomach fills with water, which leaves less room for the food that you eat. Another advantage to drinking water is the water you drink will counteract the sodium enriched food. Most of Chinese cuisine is high in sodium.

Also consider drinking water to lose weight. Adults should drink eight, 8 oz. glasses of water daily. Drinking water for hydration, and appetite suppression is a great way to lose weight and feel full.

Give it a try next time you crave Chinese buffets.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

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