Monday, December 28, 2009

eHow Earnings Report

I've been on eHow for about 4 months now. I spent the majority of October writing my 100 article goal for eHow. I was so excited to hit that milestone. My original goal was to make $100 a month on eHow articles to supplement my income and be able to find ways to work at home while raising my daughter.

I'm getting closer, but have not reached my original goal. I'm happy to report that I'm halfway there.

In the month of November my articles yielded $52.01.
Today my earnings for December reached $53.30 for the month and I still have 3 days left of earnings for the month. I hope to reach $60.0o for this month.

I mentioned how I wrote 100 articles in the month of October. Since October my writing has continued, but at a slower pace. My article count is currently 153. I hope to reach 200 in the next month or two with this same writing pace.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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Joyce T. Mann said...

Good for you! You're an inspiration to us all. Joyce

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