Monday, January 4, 2010

December eHow Earnings Update

I've started my goal since the beginning of my eHow writing to achieve $100 a month in eHow passive income per month. This month I'm excited to say that I broke through two barriers that are quite exciting.

The first was that I have now made over $100 in just 3 months with my eHow earnings. Although I don't see this as a huge milestone, it proves that I'm headed in the right direction for sure.

The second item was that my earnings this month hit $68. This was based on my article library of around 150 articles. Last months earnings were around $50, this month was a definite improvement.

The eHow chatter says that November and December can be slower months due to the holidays. I surely hope that is true.

So far for the month of January, each day has been $5 days so far. A definite great start to the new year. If this pace stays the same it means that I could definitely hit that $100 a month goal I've been seeking.

I'm currently up to 175 eHow articles, and look to break through 200 articles within the month of January. Wish me luck!

Here's to a New Year of wonderful eHow earnings for all of us!

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